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Since September 2006, the computerized version of the EFP has been available at no cost for all agricultural producers in New-Brunswick, Prince-Edward-Island and Newfoundland & Labrador. Producers can obtain the software from their EFP coordinators.

Features of the computerized EFP Workbook

The computerized version of the EFP workbook provides many advantageous features:

  • Bilingual: At anytime when using the software, you are able to switch between the two official languages to the other (French or English).
  • Updating the action plan: The software allows you to keep your assessment and action plan up to date continuously and indicate the actions that have been completed.
  • Farmstead and field site identification: You can use your own site identification system. Your field and farmstead identification number or name will appear with each question as you go through the assessment and planning exercise.
  • Unlimited number of farmstead sites and fields.
  • Farmstead and field maps and photos: You will be able to easily insert your farm and field maps or photos into the software and be able to refer to them as you go through the assessment process. A simple picture editing software is integrated to allow you to modify the maps or photos to insert field borders or identify the sites.
  • Action plan: It is possible to print a summary of the action plan, which will produce a report of the high risk rating questions only or print a complete action plan report. The action plan prints in the same order and similar format as the paper version. Further more, the risk rating and proposed action are clearly listed for each site.
  • Stand alone software: The computerized version does not require other software to be fully operational.
  • Awareness material: The computerized EFP workbook provides a lot more awareness material and information than the paper version. Photos of BMPs and high risk practices, links to WEB sites, and access to downloadable documents are added features of the software.
  • Conversion tables: A metric/imperial conversion calculator is integrated to the software.

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