Environmental Farm Plan
    What is en Environmental Farm Plan ?

An Environmental Farm Plan (EFP)is first of all an awareness and information document related to agri-environmental issues. It is also a tool to help you assess the impact of your farming practices on the environment. The EFP will help you to highlight the positive aspects on your farm and the areas of concern through risk assessment questions, and will help you to set realistic goals to protect and enhance the environment. The objective of the EFP is to farm in a way that is environmentally responsible, socially acceptable, and economically viable. By developing an EFP, you are taking an important step in ensuring the sustainability of your farm.

The process

The following diagram summarizes all the steps in the EFP process.

Format of EFP

The EFP is divided into seven sections.

Introduction       Ecological Resources
Farmstead Management       Acts & Regulation
Livestock Facilities       Conversion Tables & Glossary
Soil & Crop       Action Plan

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