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1) Proceedings of Conferences and Workshops

         Québec and New-Brunswick " WEB Technical Exchange Workshop " (March 12, 2009)
Download: 0.7 MB

         Proceedings: Ecological Goods & Services Workshop (March 4th, 2009)
Download: 0.085 MB

         Agricultural Riparian Health and Management Strategy for Atlantic Canada - Proceedings
Download: 3.29 MB

         Québec / New Brunswick Technical Exchange Workshop
Download: 0.15 MB

         Extended Season Grazing Demonstration Field Day - Proceedings
Download: 2.5 MB

         Farmers Taking Charge: Improving Farm Income and Mitigating Greenhouse Gases (Proceedings)
Download: 7 MB

         Beef Cow-Calf Herd Feeding Workshops Proceedings
Download: 9 MB

         International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage - ICID Tour (July 2002)
Download: 0.03 MB

         Reducing Environmental Risk in Agriculture (ACLE Workshop 2001) (November 1-2, 2001)
Download: 0.07 MB

         Best Management Solutions for Agro-Environmental Challenges (ACLE Symposium 2000) (March 8-9, 2000)
Download: 1.48 MB

         Soil and Water Management Workshop: Cropping Practices and Improvements (August 1999)
Download: 0.61 MB

         Nitrate - Agricultural sources and fate in the environment - perspectives and direction (April 1998)
Download: 0.47 MB

         Precision Farming - Challenges and Opportunities for Atlantic Canada (June 1997)
Download: 0.35 MB

         Watershed Management : Making It Work (November 1996)
Download: 2.32 MB

         Agriculture and Groundwater Quality - Workshop (April 1996)
Download: 1.04 MB

         Proceeding of The First Atlantic Canada - Agricultural Science and Technology Workshop (April 1995)
Download: 1.45 MB

2) Literature reviews

         Management and Conservation Practices for Vegetable Production on Peat Soils (February 2000)
Download: 5.35 MB

         Policy Instruments for Environmental Protection in Agriculture :
Analytical Review of the Literature - Summary (October 1997)

Download: 0.34 MB

         Policy Instruments for Environmental Protection in Agriculture :
Analytical Review of the Literature - Complete Document (October 1997)

Download: 0.57 MB

         Buffer strips and water quality : A review of the literature
Download: 0.12 MB

         Crop rotation: the future of potato industry in Atlantic Canada
Download: 0.06 MB

3) Environmental Farm Planning

         N-B Ecological Goods and Services (EG&S) Final Report
Download: 1.5 MB

         Our Green Agenda
Download: 3.86 MB

4) Miscellaneous Reports

         Soils of New Brunswick: The Second Approximation (2010)
Download: 3 MB

         A vegetated riparian buffer zone, is it effective for soil erosion control?
Download: 0.8 MB

         Benefiting the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions is a bonus feature or improved feed and forage management practices
Download: 0.04 MB

         Demo Day on Soil and Water Conservation: Executive Summary
Download: 0.14 MB

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