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   Jean-Louis Daigle,
Director, SWCC

Jean-Louis Daigle was appointed Executive Director of the Eastern Canada Soil and Water Conservation Centre in April 1998. He received his Bachelor's Degree in Applied Sciences in Agricultural Engineering from l'Université Laval, Québec, in 1976. He quickly demonstrated his interests and conviction of the need for soil erosion control activities and for the protection of agricultural land at local, regional and national levels through his extension abilities and implementation of on-farm soil conservation systems. He is well-known to the agricultural community since he spent part of his professional career as an engineer and soil conservationist in Grand Falls, NB, from 1976 to 1991. Mr. Daigle was then named Head of the Agricultural Engineering Section, Land Resources Branch, with the NB Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. He was responsible for the direction and coordination of engineering services and programs related to land improvement, soil and water conservation and environmental stewardship.

He has been very active among several national and international associations related to his area of expertise such as: the Soil and Water Conservation Society of America, the Canadian and American Societies of Agricultural Engineering, Soil Conservation Canada, the Canadian Water Resources Association and the Canadian Irrigation and Drainage Association. He was inducted in 1990 to the Canadian Conservation Hall of Fame by Soil Conservation Council of Canada in recognition of his outstanding efforts in soil conservation extension.

   Jérôme Damboise,

Jérôme Damboise obtained a B.Sc.A. (Bio-agronomy) from Laval University in 1978 and a masters degree in business administration from the University of Moncton in 2004. He brings with him a broad experience in the extension of field crop production techniques, soil conservation practices and the implementation of on-farm technology transfer projects. He also has considerable experience in the implementation of agricultural development, resource conservation, technology transfer and farm safety net programs. He is well known within the farming community in New Brunswick and the research and extension services in the region. His responsibilities include agronomic and economic impact analysis of various agricultural resource management and conservation practices.

   Gordon Fairchild,
Soil & Water Conservationist

Gordon Fairchild, P.Ag., is the soil and water conservation specialist at the Eastern Canada Soil and Water Conservation Centre. He attended MacDonald College (1977-1982) and the University of Guelph (1986-1989). His role at the Centre is the promotion of soil and water conservation, nutrient management and other agri-environmental Best Management Practices (BMPs). He assists in various Centre demonstration and promotion project activities.

   Lisa Therrien,
Agricultural technician

Lisa Therrien has worked at the Eastern Canada Soil and Water Conservation Centre since June, 2007. In 1997, Lisa obtained an agricultural technician diploma from the Grand Falls CÉSAB campus of the New Brunswick Community College in Edmundston. She worked a total of ten years for McCain Foods Ltd. as an agricultural technician. During the last two years, she has assisted the ECSWCC team on several projects providing technical support services, including: data and sample collection on farms, support to maintaining the WEBs AAC research sites, collection of GPS data, preparation and layout of GIS data and maps, coordination and contact with producers and provides support in the Environmental Farm Plans(EFP).

   Carole Balthazar,
Project Officer

Originally from Belgium, Carole Balthazar completed a Masters in bio-engineering and agronomic sciences at the Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium). She is specialised in plant protection, pest diagnosis and recommendations for plant diseases. Her final studies paper was about the improvement of integrated pest management method for aphid pests in crops.

Having immigrated to Canada in 2010, she joined the team at the Eastern Canada Soil and Water Conservation Centre in January 2013 where she works as a project officer on updating of the Centres highly specialized library.

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