Welcome! This site was created to disseminate information regarding climate change and how it relates to agriculture. The agricultural sector is very dependant on climate. A slight variation in climatic conditions can cause considerable impacts on agriculture and create a need for adaptation measures. Agriculture counts for 10% of Canadian greenhouse gases emissions (GHG). However, what is particular to agriculture is its capacity to sequester an important quantity of carbon on a long term basis in soils and, to a less extent, in trees and therefore reduce atmospheric concentrations of GHG.

Using the above links, you will be able to navigate among information related to climate change. General information on climate change is available on this introduction page when clicking on the appropriate link appearing when the mouse is over the bar menu. The activities completed by the ECSWCC and other relevant documents produced by the ECSWCC are available on-line. Some documents can also be obtained by searching our library or by contacting us. Best Management Practices (BMPs) that could address climate change is now completed. For more information, you can also consult other links that will lead you to other organizations web pages working on this topic.

We hope this site will help you understand the global issue of climate change and its potential impacts on agriculture in Eastern Canada.

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