Environmental protection and soil & water conservation are important issues to all New Brunswick agricultural producers and the general public. It is increasingly challenging for farms to preserve their limited land base and water resource while producing abundant high quality food. Farms are also under pressure from the proliferation of non-agricultural development on agricultural land. This web site utilizes our best collection of images from throughout the province along with supporting text to illustrate the various Best Management Practices (BMP's) being adopted by agricultural producers to preserve the soil, water and environment.

"Best Management Practices integrate principles of production that enhance the long term economic and environmental sustainability of agriculture."

The key objectives of this site are:

  • to inform the general public of the positive steps undertaken by the agricultural community to preserve the environment for future generations;
  • to provide educational and awareness material for use by extension personnel, educators, and agri-business;
  • to promote and accelerate the adoption of BMP´s;
  • to display case studies of farms which have adopted BMP's;
  • to serve as a reference tool for producers who are preparing and implementing an Environmental Farm Plan (EFP).
We gratefully acknowledge the support of the main partners in the development of this site: the New Brunswick Agricultural Council (administering the funds provided by the Government of Canada under the Canadian Adaptation and Rural Development), Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, the New Brunswick Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Aquaculture, several cooperative producer and farm organizations.



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